"First, I want to say how pleased Astrid is on the results of advertising in LB Art magazine. It has been our best advertising to date. Clients call and come in from our ad almost weekly! One gal told Astrid that she'd found the magazine on a plane, saw our ad, and phoned us to order the glasses in the ad." - Colleen Hannegan, European Optical 


 "The magazine looks great." - Donna Bond, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel



“Laguna Beach Art Patron Magazine, always classy.  When I opened my gallery last year this is the vehicle I chose to advertise in.  It looks and feels more like a magazine publication for your coffee table. I have continued to advertise, with great results every time because it works.  Great working with the crew!” - Steve Adam, Gallery Owner, Artist



"I absolutely love your magazine and we place YOUR magazine on the desk in all of 28 rooms."- Gail Duncan, Art Hotel Owner, Laguna Beach



Just to let you know, my painting that was in the magazine before...A lady from the East coast saw it in Palm Springs. There was a copy of the magazine where she was staying. She contacted me and bought it. " - Tricia Skoglund, Artist



"All the customers love them and the tourists really love something from Laguna Beach, thanks so much for all your work!"- Ruben Flores, Laguna Nursery




" The last ad was very lucky for me... someone saw it, called and said they had to meet me and own that painting!!!! Done!    Sold! " - Sheila Olsen, Sheila Olsen Fine Art




"Just had to tell you - as soon as the summer issue of Laguna Beach Art Magazine came out, three ladies came running into Forest & Ocean Gallery where I show, waving the magazine and saying " Is this you? We saw the article and just had to see your jewelry!" Well, thank you Laguna Beach Art Magazine! Two necklaces and a pair of earrings later they departed, promising to tell all their friends about me." - Gretchen Schields, Jewelry Designer

"The overall quality and features of the publication are superb!" - Mark Patnode, Artist

"Beautiful publication, excellent job. I am so pleased to have LB ART Magazine as a marketing tool."- KL Heagen, Artist

"As a Laguna Beach resident, artist and volunteer for LPAPA, a local non-profit art organization, I appreciate having such a high-quality art publication in our community. Thank you Laguna Beach Art Magazine for a job well done!"- Toni Kellenberg, President of LPAPA

"We all reviewed the ad at Art Walk last night. Everyone was duly impressed. Lots of positive feedback. The magazine is a very elegant publication and I’m glad we are a part of it. " - John Stewart, Artist

"The entire magazine beats the pants off every other art magazine around." - Mary M, Reader

"A great publication for a fantastic town, Very helpful for newcomers" - Richard Wynne, Reader

"I am impressed with how great the issue looks, and am grateful that Laguna has such a quality art magazine." - Barbara S., Reader

“Laguna Beach Art Magazine is a wonderful magazine to see the local arts, trends, local artists, and to be introduced to new customers and clients. It is a very attractive, inviting magazine. It shows Lagunas best”Terri Rae, Reader