REJOY MARSELLA shares the Secrets of Her Remarkable Success

written by Christine Dodd & Grove Koger

photos by Ryan Garvin


Thanks to her unique insight and talents, Rejoy Marsella’s interior design firm—named Rejoy Interiors, naturally—has been recognized repeatedly for outstanding service and design, garnishing multiple Platinum and Gold Awards from the American Society of Interior Designers year after year. Marsella herself was named one of Orange County’s Most Dynamic Women by Riviera Magazine in 2014, and her work has been featured on the television program Merge with Lisa Rinna.

Marsella credits a fellow designer with providing her with one of the keys to her success. ”One of my biggest designer inspirations, Barbara Barry, once said, ’Do everything you do with love.’ To be good at anything in life we have put our whole heart into it. When you’re loving what you do, your creativity just works for you.”

That love involves Marsella’s ability to understand a client’s needs and translate those needs into a thing of beauty. “For an interior design project to be successful,” she explains, “it must reflect the style, essence and functional needs of the people who are going to be enjoying the spaces. It also must evoke the emotion that those individuals want to feel in their spaces. For example, clients may want a bedroom to feel peaceful and calming but a media room to inspire energy and interaction.”

As she discusses the reasons for her success, Marsella identifies the factors that someone might want to consider before hiring an interior designer. “First, your designer must be a good listener and be fully present. A good designer studies and takes in all the nuances about your personal style and desires. Second, does the designer’s body of work display variety? This is important because you want something custom-designed just for you. And last, will you enjoy the designer’s company? The relationship is very personal and you spend a good amount of time together, so it’s important that you communicate well and enjoy each other’s company.”

Speaking of her most recent project for Christie Vu, a “beautiful, glamorous woman,” Marsella describes how those factors came into play as she captured the client’s “vibe and her functional needs” for her Hollywood Glam-styled home,” adding, “She loves it!”

Besides Barbara Barry, Marsella has drawn inspiration from Mary McDonald “for the elegance in her work” and Barry Darr Dixon for the “traditional charm his designs embody.” Martyn Lawrence Bullard “is fabulous for his ability to layer and come up with fun, bold design projects that are always glamorous and unique.”

Marsella remembers her first interior design project, designing her very own Barbie dream house when she was five years old. “I asked my grandmother to buy me one of those pink, plastic houses. Instead, she responded with ’Why don’t you make one?’ and handed me a cardboard box. I spent hours designing that little house! I wanted it to be special, so I remember drawing on the walls to create the illusion of wallpaper. I used drinking straws and tape to make curtain rods and hung tissue paper as drapery panels. I’ll never forget the feeling of just using my imagination and playing, being completely lost in creating. On that day I fell in love with designing and I have loved interior design ever since. ’Thank you, Grandma!’”

Marsella credits her mother, too, explaining that she “knew what she was doing when she put ‘joy’ in my name. I know that’s my calling. When my clients light up like a Christmas tree when they see their newly designed home, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that feels for me!”

Marsella’s personal motto is her professional one as well: “’Design a joy-filled life.’ I believe we are the authors of our own lives, and I intend to write mine with as much joy and gratitude as I possibly can.”

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